Selected Student Performances

Performer: Andy

Andy has been playing guitar for about a year and his dedication to learning has always inspired me. He spends hours practicing his skills every day.  A finger-style cover of Kotaro oshio- twilight. Beautifully done! Very impressive for someone who has been playing guitar for such a short time!

Performer: David

A father of three and a successful business owner. We worked together for almost two years, currently David is playing in a Sydney based cover band called ‘Midlife Crisis’ and thoroughly enjoying his musical journey. This is what playing guitar is all about, to bring that little piece of happiness that one gets from entertaining others through music.

Performer: Dylan and Liam

When I started working with these two brothers, they had an amazing level of eagerness to learn guitar and their taste in music for their age really impressed me. After around 6 months of guitar lessons, we are now slowly playing music and not just some simple exercises! This is such a good age to start learning any musical instrument. It can be a little slow at the beginning, but all it requires is good guidance and parental support. They got both and now it is time to practice, have patience and reach for the stars!

Performer: Shiv

Shiv had always been planning to start learning guitar but could never commit the time to take lessons. Being an undergrad student at CDU, his part time work and other commitments, it was very difficult for him to manage the time needed to practice. We started from very scratch, he never played any musical instrument before and this video was captured on our 19th lesson. It was amazing to see him playing one of his favourite songs in such short time and with so little practice. With structured guidance and strong will power, anything is achievable!!

Performer: Angus 

We played T.N.T on our 10th lesson! And not just the simple kids version but at a decent tempo with the right syncopation. I was banging my head in the background when Angus was playing this, such quantized groove! I don’t remember what I played on my 10th lesson when I was learning guitar but most likely something like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, messing up the rhythm entirely. I can see a true rockstar in making…….. 8-10 years and this boy will be going places.

Performer: Nicholas

A Rockstar in making! Nicholas is one of the most creative students I have ever worked with, and a very natural performer. He got such great sense of timing and with persistency and a bit more discipline, Nicholas is on his way to achieve amazing things in the coming days!

Performer: Saman

Saman has been playing guitar for a little less than one year and he inspires me big time because he is such an incredibly fast learner!! I know I was not playing like this when I had just one year of practice under my belt. Saman is extremely talented and I genuinely see a great musician in him in few years’ time.